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We do things the improper way for the proper results, because we care. We care about there being fewer shitty brands in this world. We care about your brand doing something great. We care about not following the rules. Why? Because our work is about truth, it’s about information, it’s about visual justice. Submit at your own disgression.

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The Gig

Sometimes “cause we want to” is enough of a reason to do something fun. This was one of those times. With everyone getting a bit of the COVID blues, we thought it was time to do something as a studio to lift morale and keep the creative juices flowing. Basically it was something to keep our sanity while sanitising.

The Game

A toxic, COVID 19 themed studio mix was born, filled with newly released hip hop, rap, dance and indie. Disclaimer: Be sure to wash your hands and practice proper hygiene protocols after enjoying these filthy, filthy bangers.

The Play

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The clear vinyl photographed on to of the black internal pages of the vinyl cover
We were all either sick with or sick of covid.
So we made a sick mixtape to match.
The Iso Mix vinyl and cover photographed on a green bubblewrap background
The front and back designs of the vinyl cover
A photo of the clear vinyl design on green bubblewrap background
A photo of the fold out Vinyl cover titled Studio Mix
A photo of the fold out Vinyl cover titled Studio Mix
The internal pages of the vinyl brochure with track listings
A photo showing the clear cover vinyl slip that makes it look like a virus mask is being pulled off the vinyl
Sponsored by SUPERHi and presented by 9by16

In addition to the release of the studio mix playlist, we created an animated promotional video which was featured as the 300th guest post for the 9by16 Instagram showcase. 9by16 is a platform showcasing portrait video inspiration with a focus on motion design. A big thanks to Luke Brown and the 9by16 team for inviting us to collaborate.
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