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The Gig

iStrap boasts the largest range of Apple Watch bands in the world. Wanting to build greater brand loyalty with their customers, we were tasked with refreshing their brand identity and refining their online presence.

The Game

You don’t wear the same pair of shoes for every activity or occasion in your life. We wanted consumers to start thinking the same way about their Apple Watch. We encouraged iStrap’s customers to ‘switch thing up,’ and to choose a band colour that was as unique as they were. Whether that was ‘Cranberry Red,’ or ‘Zombie Green.’

The Play

Brand Identity
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Print Rollout
Digital Rollout
iStrap boasts the world’s largest range of Apple Watch straps. Any colour you can imagine, they have it. It was our job to bring their rainbow treasure trove to life.
Large range of iStrap Apple Watch straps fanned out
Being an e-commerce business, iStrap's website was at the forefront of every decision we made throughout the branding process.

With so many options available, allowing users to easily search and filter their products became priority number one. We created a UI/UX system that would allow users to not only shop by colour, material and style, but also by occasion. For example, you might be in the market for a watch strap suitable for exercise, or work, or your cousin’s bar mitzvah. Whatever the occasion, you could find a watch strap in seconds.
Image of macbook open with the iStrap website on screen showing the home page and navigation
3 phone screens on black background showing different screens on the website on mobile
2 phones floating in space with pages from the iStrap website on screen
An iPad screen with the Mail app open with an email from iStrap promoting their rose gold straps and accessories
To inject some personality and fun into the shopping experience, we gave each watch strap colour its own name. Now you could shop everything from Tequila Sunrise all the way to Queasy Green.
A billboard with an iStrap ad. The copy says 'Everything from: Tequila Sunrise, all the way to Queasy Green'
iStrap's tagline, Switch Things Up
3 hands with Apple Watches on wrist with different iStrap straps on each hand
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