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The Gig

The Moorebank Intermodal Precinct is a logistics hub that links warehousing, order fulfilment and multiple modes of transport to improve supply chain efficiencies. Basically, if you order something online, you get your shit way quicker because of these guys.

The Game

Moorebank is a nationally significant infrastructure project. Being the largest of its kind in Australia, it is the lifeblood of our our booming online retail sector. A project of this scale and magnitude needed a rock solid brand to take to market.

The Play

Brand Identity
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Social Strategy
Moorebank streamlines the movements of shipping containers in Sydney and eastern Australia. When completed, the facility will move 1.5 million shipping containers annually by rail (instead of road), taking 3000 heavy truck movements off our roads each day.

These huge numbers directly inspired our logo mark.
The enormous 243 hectare project was created to serve and support Australia’s booming online retail sector. It is the physical infrastructure powering our digital economy.

As the eCommerce industry continues to grow into the future, so will the Moorebank Intermodal Precinct. This fact became the lynchpin to our brand messaging.
The stackable and scalable nature of our ‘block’ device worked perfectly for a project with such a wide range of applications. From business cards, to semi-trailers our dynamic identity system was designed to fit any output.
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