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Brand Identity

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The Gig

SASKI is an athleisure label by fitness mentor Tammy Hembrow. Created to inspire confidence for both inside and outside the gym, the SASKI brand has grown immensely in a short period of time. They were established, admired, and loved by many — but as their collections continued to evolve, it was time their brand did too.

The Game

We were tasked with rebranding SASKI to elevate and refine the brand into something that can pave the way for the future and continue to evolve.

The Play

Brand Identity
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Print Rollout
Digital Rollout
Social Strategy
Saski Wordmark logo
Saski is a highly functional and luxurious athleisure label lead by Tammy Hembrow. It was our job to refresh the Saski identity to better reflect the brand's balanced aesthetic of strength and style.
A closeup of a Saski garment with the icon printed
Saski campaign photography of a woman wearing activewear outside
The logo suite of brand marks for Saski
The logo suite of brand marks for Saski
Saski campaign imagery of a woman in activewear stretching
A closeup photograph of a Saski garment with the Saski logo printed on
Outdoor pasteup billboard advertising Saski campaign launch
As part of the rebrand, we were tasked with the creation of a brand icon to represent Saski's growth. Having evolved into the ‘complete’ athleisure label, the icon represents the brand's two distinct yet connected sides; performance and leisure.
An animation of the Saski swingtag design
A photograph of the custom made necklace with the Saski icon
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