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The Gig

Sometimes life happens, and you need money quickly. Say you need a new tyre; if you don’t have any spare cash laying around, and pay day isn’t until next week, services like MyPayNow are very handy. Unfortunately, there are some sharks lurking in this industry. We needed to spread the word that there is a new kid on the block that consumers could trust. A service with one flat rate, no hidden fees and no annoying interest. Ever.

The Game

For MyPayNow, we created a brand that reflected their integrity and honesty. A brand that felt refreshingly positive and relatable in an industry that didn’t always have the consumers' best interest (rate) at heart.

The Play

Brand Identity
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Print Rollout
Digital Rollout
Social Strategy
MyPayNow's 3D Slothy peeping over a white wall on a purple background
The words Your Pay, Today on a blue background with the MyPayNow device framing
MyPayNow is an app that allows Aussies to access their pay cheque early. The perfect app for when those unexpected expenses pop up. Now, instead of having to scrounge until pay day, users can access their money in minutes.
A hand holding a phone with a screen from the MyPayNow app design
A photo of hands holding a phone looking at the MyPayNow website on mobile
A photo of a pile of MyPayNow yellow business cards
A photo of MyPayNow's business cards printed in orange, yellow and purple
Photo of a diecut cover brochure design for MyPayNow open to a yellow page with the words Your pay, today repeated down the page
A flatlay photo of MyPayNow's printed collateral of brochures, business cards and corporate gifts
We also created Slothy, the official spokesloth of MyPayNow. Slothy represented the all too familiar, slow wait until payday. But more importantly, our lovable mascot was a mechanism for consumers to quickly recognise and engage with the MyPayNow brand to understand their superior, honest offering.
Sketches of MyPayNow's 3D Sloth character design
Sketches of MyPayNow's 3D Sloth character design
Sketches of MyPayNow's 3D Sloth character's facial expressions
Initial renderings of MyPayNow's 3D Sloth character development
To help launch MyPayNow, we strategised and rolled out a nationwide advertising campaign to get the word out.
Outdoor advertising billboard for MyPayNow
Outdoor billboard design for MyPayNow
MyPayNow's outdoor advertising campaign with image of Slothy holding cash
Outdoor advertising campaign design on side of a bus for MyPayNow
Wait a Minute, literally advertising campaign for MyPayNow
Billboard design for MyPayNow's launch campaign
MyPayNow logo as major sponsor of Gold Coast Titans NRL team
MyPayNow entrance with logo on purple wall
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