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Richard Silipo, the founder of Silipo Coffee, has been a prominent figure in the coffee scene since '94, particularly on the Gold Coast. Yet, despite the brands deep Italian roots, the existing identity was starting to feel outdated in comparison to the new kids in town.

The Game

We wanted to very gently break the mould of the Italian rooted brand, and re-introduce it in a way that still felt authentic and manageable by the long-time owner. We wanted to create something that felt fresh and belonged in today’s world, without forcing too much onto the client. Simple. Stylish. Memorable.

The Play

Brand Identity
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
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Social Strategy
Silipo Coffee's old logo
Silipo Coffee's new logo
In the coffee world, there is always a new kid on the block, but for Silipo, experience is everything. For the company that started roasting back in ‘94, the refresh was all about modernising a brand that had stood the test of time by paying homage to the founder’s Italian heritage.
Silipo Coffee packaging for the core range of blends
3 coffee bags in a row showcase Silipo Coffee's core range of blends
Silipo Coffee's coffee packaging for speciality roasts - featuring unique patterns inspired by Italian tiling
A shipping box for Silipo Coffee
The range of Silipo Coffee takeway paper cups
A hand holding a Silipo Coffee cup
A green box with hands applying packaging tape for Silipo Coffee
A woman holding a tote bag with Silipo Coffee's logo on it
A closeup photograph of a label on the corner of a tote bag for Silipo Coffee
A man wearing a cream Silipo Coffee shirt that says 'Tasty Roasts & Quality Notes'
A man wearing a cream shirt with Silipo Coffee's logo on the chest
Silipo Coffee's beige and green business cards photographed on a grey background
A self-standing minimalist sign for Silipo Coffee
A green perspex self-standing sign board for Silipo Coffee
A neon blade sign for Silipo Coffee
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