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Opening their store in the quaint but buzzing hospitality precinct of Nobby's Beach, owners Joe, Natalie and Lola (their cute curly haired puppy) wanted to create a space to specifically serve their community. Being a small, independently run store, Somm is passionate about finding and sharing lesser known (but amazing tasting) local wines. This philosophy even extended to all parts of the brand, using locally sourced and sustainable materials where and whenever possible.

The Game

Before diving into the brand, a vigorous wine tasting session was conducted to get the creative juices flowing. In the name of research, of course. Being able to experience Joe's sommelier knowledge and passion first-hand was integral to shaping the brand. It's hard work, but someone's gotta do it.

The Play

Brand Identity
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Print Rollout
Digital Rollout
Social Strategy
Somm Wine Store's business card design with white foil sitting on a terrazzo plate
Nestled in the heart of Nobby's Beach on the Gold Coast, Somm is a boutique wine store with deep passion for stocking and promoting great wine. Their curated collection is a showcase of exceptional wines, all produced by makers who prioritise sustainable practices. Cheers to that.
A photo of the wall behind the counter at Somm Wine store with an inset arch and shelving with wine on it
A photo of the square, external blade sign at Somm Wine Store
A photo of customers shopping and browsing wines at Somm Wine Store
A woman's hands showing packaging tape for Somm Wine Store
Packaging tape design getting applied to a packaging box for Somm Wine Store
A promotional design concept of a reusable wine cork for SOMM Wine Store
A floating mockup of Wine bottle neck labels for SOMM Wine Store
Wine neck label designs for SOMM Wine Store
3 social media post designs featuring Somm's sandy, wine and earth colours, their custom dog illustration and typography
Wooden and metal shelves stacked with wine at SOMM Wine Store
A tall freestanding acrylic directional sign with Wine Store and an illustration of a dog drinking wine
Wine shelves featuring a wooden panel design describing wine regions of New Zealand
A photo of the shadows cast on the floor by the signage at Somm Wine Store
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