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We do things the improper way for the proper results, because we care. We care about there being fewer shitty brands in this world. We care about your brand doing something great. We care about not following the rules. Why? Because our work is about truth, it’s about information, it’s about visual justice. Submit at your own disgression.

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Brand Identity

The Thirty Two


The Gig

Traditionally, a visit to the dentist is a dreaded experience. For most of us, it is a mundane, chore-like activity, and for 1 in 6 Australian adults, going to the dentist causes genuine fear and anxiety. It was our job to turn a notoriously disliked and boring experience into something that was actually looked forward to.

The Game

We created a brand and space that completely repositioned dentistry as a rewarding and indulgent experience. The Thirty Two is a dental experience that truly made you smile.

The Play

Brand Identity
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Print Rollout
Digital Rollout
Social Strategy
A photo of The 32's reception desk and interior design
Traditionally a dull and dreaded experience, The Thirty Two completely flips the cold, clinical nature of dentistry on its head. We created a brand that was fresh, fun and decadent. A brand that totally reimagined what dentistry should be.
A photo of a pink page with the text Embrace the you on a pink page from a brochure designed for The 32 dental studio
A spread from an A4 brochure with custom transparent paper over a photo of a young guy smiling
A spread of an A4 brochure design with a pink gradient background and information about The 32's dental service offerings.
An A4 spread design with a typographic artwork on the left side with the words Brush It Off and an image of 2 girls smiling on the right
A photo of a woman holding floss
A photo of the cover of The 32's brochure design
A photo of the brown cover of The 32's brochure with the words Embrace the you
A photo of a hand lifting the corner of The 32's printed brochure
A photo of a spread from The 32's brochure with the words Brush it Off and a photo of 2 girls smiling
A photo of a spread from The 32's brochure with a list of services and a photo of a model flossing
A photo of The 32's brochure made with transparent paper
A photo of a hand holding The 32's business card
A photo of The 32's reservation cards
A photo of custom designed presentation folders with an allocated slot for the business card
A photo of The 32's white foiled and embossed business cards
A photo of a girl smiling holding The 32's custom designed glass water bottles that say Well hydrated and Possibly Sedated
A typographic artwork with the words Well Hydrated and Possibly Sedated
The Thirty Two space is a sanctuary where sophisticated sensibility meets avant-garde expression. A space that feels closer to a day-spa than it does a dentist.

We hope that The Thirty Two will inspire a new level of sophistication and creativity in the dental industry.
A photo of The 32's consultation room doors with pink gradient frosted glass
A photograph of The 32 dental studio's waiting room and bar area
A custom designed pink perspex box photographed on an shiny metal art sculpture side table
To help roll out the new brand, we directed photoshoots to build the The Thirty Two's social media suites.
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