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Brand Identity



The Gig

UNLCKD is a rewards club giving away pop-culture rarities and collectables. By subscribing to their membership platform, each week users are automatically in with a chance to win some huge prizes. Being pop-culture geeks ourselves, it was a match made in heaven.

The Game

40/40 was the entrusted creative force behind the entire UNLCKD platform. Everything from the brand identity, the set design, the website UI/UX, the social media and photography, everything. We really went all out trying to get our hands on that holographic Charizard. Maybe next time.

The Play

Brand Identity
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Print Rollout
Digital Rollout
Social Strategy
UNLCKD is a prize platform for the modern collector. Each week, members are in with the chance to win highly sought after pieces of pop-culture. Ultra-valuable rarities like, first edition Pokémon cards, comic books, sneakers, sports memorabilia, that sort of thing.

The sort of prizes that are near impossible to get your hands on.
Along with the brand, a physical activation we called ‘The Vault,’ was also conceived. The set provided the perfect backdrop for the brand’s marketing and social media promotion, serving as a valuable point of recognition for viewers.
The key and central touchpoint of the UNLCKD platform was the website. The website needed to effectively showcase prize draws and countdowns, as well as house e-commerce capabilities for memberships.

Along with the website design, 4040 also devised the UI/UX of the consumer journey.
To grow the membership base, weekly countdowns and giveaways were heavily promoted through social media. 4040 was responsible for the production and promotion of all advertising material.
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