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The Gig

Coming out of the pandemic, it was time to bring back the party. And where better than in our own backyard? We worked with entertainment legends, Billy and Jackie Cross to help create a one of a kind festival experience on the iconic Surfers Paradise beach.

The Game

Create an identity for the Gold Coast’s first music festival on the sand. Showcasing a range of top Australian artists across three days and three different music genres, including hip hop, dance/electronic and alternative/indie.

The Play

Brand Identity
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Print Rollout
Digital Rollout
Social Strategy
Word Golden from Golden Shores logo
Golden Shores sun logo elementSmiling face from Golden Shores logo
Shores word from Golden Shores logo
Golden Shores event with artist on main stage and packed crowd
Golden Shores is a music festival held on the beachfront of Australia's most famous party strip, Surfers Paradise. Coming out of the Covid lock-downs, the 3 day festival was a party for the ages. We're still finding sand and glitter.
Golden Shores logo stackedSun element in Golden Shores logo
Golden Shores event with artist on main stage and packed crowd
Billboard and outdoor advertising design for Golden Shores Music Festival
A photo of the Golden Shores stage with huge crowd
Entry wristband designs for Golden Shores Music Festival
Lanyard designs for Golden Shores Music Festival

Along with a summery brand identity, we created a full-scale marketing campaign to get the word out about the Coast's newest party.
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